political party shirt – a way to reach voters
political party shirt – a way to reach voters

One of the effects of a democratic party in Indonesia is the election of regional heads directly elected by the people. Candidates for regional heads are competing to promote themselves in various ways, one of which is by distributing political party shirts depicting their photos, usually accompanied by the serial number of their election. This is done naturally by the reason of inviting as many voters as possible, at least to just attend the oration’s campaign promises if he is elected.

The party shirt itself is different from the usual T-shirts. Some differences that we can see are from the type of material, screen printing quality and price. The type of material commonly used for party promotion campaigns is the material with the lowest gramasi (grm /m2) level. This is done because political party shirt only used once. From the colors it is usually used are only on certain colors, white is the most dominating color, then combined with colors that match the color of the bearer political party. For example, one of the political parties is Golkar, which bears a bright yellow color, candidates from PDIP party shirts will choose white shirts with a combination of bright red, Democratic Party shirts usually with white royal blue combination.

Some types of t-shirts commonly used in the process of producing party shirts include;

* Hyget material with gramasi of 90/100 gr/m2 with very thin characters is usually used for party needs above 10,000-20,000pcs,

* Hyget material with gramasi of 100/110 gr/m2 is the material most often used for political party shirts because the quality is decent, usually used for the needs of party shirts 5000-15,000pcs,

* Hyget ingredients with gramasi 110/120 gr/m2, also called Hyget Super, are hyget with the highest gramasi, the thickness is almost like Polyester material, and this type of material is the type of party shirt that we recommend the most for political party shirts promotion of your local election campaign,

* Polyester PE material, with a slightly larger gramasi, usually used for T-shirts or political party shirts with certain sympathizer segments.

The type of screen printing that is most often used in the process of producing party shirts is screen printing with paper transfer techniques, the results are very different from manual screen printing such as screen printing with rubber ink, plastisol, super white etc. or with print screen printing like DTG print (door to garment). One reason why white shirt material is used is so that the results of the printing of party shirts can be more maximal, besides the paper transfer screen printing technique takes very short production time compared to other screen printing techniques. The time for the production of party shirts is usually relatively shorter than ordinary T-shirts because of the need for a sudden schedule with a number of thousands, so it is necessary to use screen printing techniques that are the fastest in the production process.

The price issue, of course party shirts for election campaign promotion will be much cheaper compared to other T-shirts. Starting from the type of material, color, screen printing, all stitching techniques that are worn are with a minimal production budget because of the thousands of political party shirts that must be produced.

To meet the needs of your party’s t-shirts as a media for promotion of regional election campaigns, please contact us directly to (+62) 22 87771999 or (+62) 813-2480-0858.

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