Have you ever felt confused about which clothes to wear when you have to attend an event? Then you decide to buy a new shirt, even though if you look into the wardrobe, your clothing collection in the closet is pretty much and everything is actually still worth using. Your reason is usually the color of the shirt has faded, there are stubborn stains, shrunken clothes size, have already been used, and so forth.

Clothes become damaged quickly because most owners do notunderstand how to care for their clothes so they last and always look for newclothes. The most basic thing for caring for clothes is to know the type offabric. Each type of fabric requires different treatments. Then also note thelabel for washing and ironing, which is usually found on the inside of theshirt.

The five stages of care for this clothing should be noted sothat your clothes last longer and always look new.

1. Washing stage

Washing is the initial process in the care of your clothes.Different types of fabric, different techniques to wash it. Usually on theclothing label it has been mentioned how it should be washed, whether usingplain water, warm water or not using water at all, which means you have to takeit to the dry cleaning service. Separate white and colored clothing, the levelof dirtiness, and the type of material because some types of cloth cannot bewashed using a washing machine. You should also pay attention to the use ofdetergent or laundry soap. Therefore, choose detergents that are safe for theskin. At the end of the wash, use a clothes softener so that your clothes arefragrant and soft. The smell of Downy Passion, Attraction, and Innocence youcan choose according to your character.

2. The drying stage

Drying clothes should use a hanger, so that the shape isstill good. Except for clothes made from shirts, using a hanger can causestretches in the neck. Dry the clothes upside down, inside the outside. This isto prevent the color of the clothes to quickly fade in the sun.

3. Ironing stage

Clothes that want to be ironed must be completely dry, sothey don’t smell musty. Liquid lubricating clothing can also be used as long asit does not damage clothing. Adjust the temperature of the iron so that itdoesn’t cause your clothes to become damaged.

4. Storage stage

Keep clothes that are neat and fragrant in a closed wardrobeso they don’t get dust and dirt. Use clothes deodorizer that can be hung in acloset or use camphor. If you do not want to be bothered, the long-lastingfragrance of Downy can also be relied upon to make your clothes and cabinetsstay awake. In addition, clothes should be arranged neatly or hung and notstored in a crowded closet.

5. How to use

Special and expensive clothing should not be used too often.The clothes you usually wear to move outside the home should also not be usedfor daily use at home, let alone take it to bed. Adjust usage to the needs andplace. You can also combine matching clothes in the closet so you don’t getbored.

Now, with these five easy steps, you don’t need to worryabout not having good clothes to go to a party. You can visit our office at Jl.Pesona Antapani 1 No.17 Bandung, Jawa Barat Indonesia 40282. You can callus to (+62) 22 87771999 , (+62) 813-2480-0858, or (+62)853-2000-7898.

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