material types in t-shirt and polo shirt production

Although almost every day everyone wearing t-shirt, a lot of people didn’t know what kind of material types to use in t-shirts and polo shirts production process. To those who already know types of clothing material in t-shirt or polo shirt production usually is having a hard time differentiating between materials. If you are experiencing the same thing, don’t be worry, because you are not the only one.

There are a lot of material types for t-shirts and polo shirt that spread across the market. The most common material found is Cotton Combed, Cotton Carded, TC, PE, and Hyget.

1. COTTON, there are 2 kinds based on thread specification:

Softer thread fiber. Sweat absorbent and cool.
Smoother knit and sew result. Commonly used in distros, stores, persons, or companies.

Thread fiber not as soft as cotton combed.  Sweat absorbent and cool.
Not so smooth knit and sew result. Commonly used for events, seminars, persons, or companies.


This is material mixed from Cotton Combed 35 % and Polyester (Teteron) 65%. TC is less sweat absorbent and have a thermal effect on the body when worn. This material is anti-wrinkle and unshrinkable although you washed it over and over.


This material is made 55% Cotton Combed and 45% Viscose. Its shrinkage level is lower than Cotton. Sweat absorbent. Its application is the same as cotton carded for events.


This material made synthetic from petroleum products to be made to fiber poly, because it’s base material the characteristics of the material is non-sweat absorbent and absorb heat. Usually used as exercising uniforms, cold weather clothes, office uniforms, and other.


This material is also made from plastic but thinner. Usually used for promotion, events, seminars, et cetera.

As for the production of collared shirts or commonly called polo shirts, PIQUE materials are usually used. This material is usually called LACOSTE. LACOSTE itself is a brand of polo shirts.. In addition to lacoste, the most widely used type of material is RALPH LAUREN POLO.

Please note that each shirt factory produces different quality products. That is, together with cotton combed, from factory A, it can be different from factory B, and products from fabric store A can be different from fabric store B.

Naming the type of T-shirt material and polo shirt are also changing and sometimes misleading. This can happen because of the inability of consumers to distinguish the type of shirt correctly. For example, a shirt buyer enters one of the fabric shops in Tanah Abang Jakarta and wants to buy combed cotton. Incidentally there was no stock cotton combed in the store. Tell the shop owner that you asked for Semi Combed, the quality is the same as the cheaper price and the buyer obeys. As a result, a new term emerged: Semi Combed. Investigate, it turns out that the so-called Semi Combed is Cotton Carded! With similar pattern, new material terms appear, such as Soft Combed material, Super Carded, Super Combed, A quality Cotton, super PE, and others.

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