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safety  uniform  clothes explained

Clothes  of  a  certain  type  are  sometimes  very  necessary  for  various  purposes.  One  type  of  clothing  that  is  needed  specifically  is  safety  uniform.  This  clothing  is  a  type  of  clothing  that  is  made  and  designed  specifically  for  employees  who  need  work  safely in dangerous sites as well as people who work in mining or fire fighting. If you pay attention, they use special kind of uniforms which are the uniforms are made according to the prescribed safety uniform standards.

Safety Uniform Material

In accordance with the function of uniform safety that is for safety and protection, then this garment is also made with special materials. Materials commonly used by Bandung convection are especially ranges from drill, canvas, ripstop to denim. In addition, uniforms used for mining employees are materials that use reflective tape. The purpose of this material serves to improve the safety of employees in the work environment such as in oil mines, gas mines, and so on. In addition this material can glow if the conditions in the place are in less light. Reflective tape can be a highly effective and highly visible way of marking out either safety areas or hazards in factories or warehouses. But for highly critical areas, or when used in conjunction with a vinyl tape to attract added attention, reflective tape can be very useful.

Standard Safety Uniform

In accordance with established regulations, this safety uniform must have a special standard that must be possessed. To be safely used as work safety uniforms for mining employees. Some of these standards include:

– 2 pocket bags that use a lid,

– The material contains reflective tape that surrounds the body and hands,

– Pen pockets placed on the left arm,

– There is a hemisphere at the side end,

– The uniforms use long sleeves with rubber or cuffs at the end of the hand in order not to loosen while working,

– Resilient although washed repeatedly and alternative fabric from plastic where the reflector or scotlite material that comes from Korea.

Work uniforms like safety uniforms are indeed often needed for certain jobs which do pose a significant risk of harm. Therefore a work company usually has prepared a special uniform that will be used by its employees in accordance with established safety standards. You can visit our office at Jl. Pesona Antapani 1 No.17 Bandung, Jawa Barat Indonesia 40282. You can call us to (+62) 22 87771999 , (+62) 813-2480-0858, or (+62) 853-2000-7898.

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