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uniform – for your unique identity

Uniform is an integral part of human life. One of them is shown by uniform. The tendency of humans to form social entities makes a lot of uniforms made. Uniform clothes; nowadays have become part of the fashion in society.

Uniform clothing is made to create an identity for a group. By using a uniform, someone will get the impression of ownership of the group so that one’s loyalty to the group is higher. Through higher loyalty, he will do his best. In addition, using uniforms will make a group look more attractive and neat.

Groups or organizations that have made uniforms as a necessity are military organizations, educational organizations, and the government. Every design of the organization’s uniform has a different philosophy. Also, uniforms also symbolize the organization.

Uniform clothing owned by some of these organizations is usually more than one and each uniform has its own function to use. The function of this usage can be seen based on the day of use and the events related to uniforms.

Speaking of functions, there are several principles in determining uniform clothing, as follows.

1. Background

In determining uniforms, there is a background that contains the intent and purpose of making a certain uniform. Through this background principle, uniforms will have a philosophy so that they are not only clothes to wear, but clothes that when they are used are part of the attainment of the background of the wearer.

2. Similarity

Uniformity is identical to the heterogeneous similarities, characteristics, and human characteristics that make humans united. With the similarity, humans will feel that they are not alone and have a sense of shared affinity.

3. Comfort of Uniform Clothing

Uniform clothing is clothing that is made in large quantities or in bulk. However, in making uniforms clothes need to be considered the principle of comfort. The comfort of a uniform will make someone happy to use these clothes so that a uniform can be used comfortably according to the function it carries.

4. Uniform Dress Design

As a garment, uniforms cannot be separated from fashion trends. The thing that is related to fashion trends is the design. The design of uniforms should be a neutral design and much favored by people because uniforms will homogenize the tastes of many different people towards the design of clothing. Therefore, the design of a uniform should be made with a simple design, but still elegant and attractive.

Based on these principles, it is expected that people will be happy and comfortable in using their uniforms so that the purpose of the uniform will be achieved.

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