The economic potential of Bandung is so great. One of thefacts seen in the development of business actors engaged in the T-shirtconvection industry is optimistic that it will accelerate the creative industryeconomy. In fact, the development of this business is estimated to grow up to30% until the end of this year. Not surprisingly, at present, Bandung hasbecome a barometer of the creative industry, especially in the t-shirtconvection industry.

Prior to the launching of programs related to the creativeeconomy industry in Indonesia by the government, businesses have actuallydeveloped that are now included in creative business categories. Shirtconvection is a business that included as one of the creative industries, whichis because this business is a series of product processes that output products,which is t-shirts related to creativity, from models, designs to colorselection. T-shirt convection has now become one of the excellent industries ofsmall and medium businesses that are increasingly developing in the city ofBandung. Convection of Bandung t-shirts spread throughout the city area with anindustrial base centered on the Central Kaos Suci.

The sporadic of factory outlets (FO), distributions andclothing is also one of the factors that also support the growth of the T-shirtconvection business in Bandung. Distro’s and clothing owners usually have theirown t-shirt convection or with makloon services, namely using other tailorservices that are spread in various locations. Usually it is in the form ofhome industries to make various shirts from T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts,jackets, sweaters, but most of them are t-shirt production.

The shirt itself is indeed a prima donna, from children to adultswearing t-shirts. As a fashion product, t-shirts are one of the most resilientproducts and continue to be popular today. Even though based on its history,t-shirts are a fashion product which is in the lowest strata.

The initial use of shirts is for soldiers, but shirts have now evolved into one of the trendiest fashion products. Its durability is not only because it is able to adapt to economic conditions, because t-shirts are available from cheap to expensive prices, but t-shirts also provide a place for designers or creative actors to explore the design of t-shirts, colors or colors, whether it’s t-shirts own colorful or pictures on t-shirts that can vary greatly.

Screen printing techniques and paint base materials continueto develop, basic materials and basic techniques may still be the same fromearlier times, but mix and match exploration depends on these creative industryplayers.

The shirt convection itself starts from the pattern, thematerial, the making until the shirt is made, and the different is usually justthe screen printing process.  Screenprinting itself is usually done by experts who have experience with varioustechniques that do require special ability, if it will produce good screenprinting results.

In addition to distributions, there are also those who arealso focused on producing promotional shirts or merchandise. In the productionprocess there is almost no difference, the usual differences in the type ofmaterial, design and number of orders. Promotional shirt convection is usuallyused by companies, agencies, institutions, event organizers or individuals topromote a product or it can also be used as a souvenir for certain products.The material used is also usually different from t-shirt material for fashion.The number of orders is usually quite a lot.

Actual merchandise shirts are almost similar to promotionalshirts, but more merchandise refers to a product that is used as a source ofideas. For example t-shirt merchandise for certain mobile products, then thedesign will refer to the brand, or for example t-shirt merchandise for theband, then t-shirt convection will always refer to the band, the design can bea band name, personnel image or anything related to the band.

In working on the production process, shirt convection willof course depend on the client’s order, from materials, designs to packaging,which will usually be adjusted to the order. T-shirt convection as theproduction executor will depend on the certain standard agreed upon with theparty giving the shirt order.

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