What is Cotton? Cotton Function and Advantages

what is cotton? cotton function and advantages
what is cotton? cotton function and advantages

Cotton fabric or in Indonesian means “kapas” comes from a kind of plant. Cotton has pink pollen which will be harvested after turning into cotton balls. These cotton balls are harvested and processed into threads after they are woven into cloth and clothing to be send to Bandung. These fibers are arranged in such a way as to give this fabric strength cotton a good durability and absorbency.

Because it has many features to make cotton fabric is always an option, including children’s clothes, and for various other needs, cotton is also fantastic from natural fibers, does not contain chemicals that have hypo allergenic properties and do not disturb sensitive skin allergens that often occur on the skin of children who are still sensitive. Softness of cotton fiber is comparable to leather used since ancient times. Cotton has high absorptive properties and high saturation points so that it can store fluids 27 times of its own weight in water (liquid tight). Cotton fibers will become stronger when wet.

Another advantage is that cotton fibers are more comfortable to wear because the fibers are hollow like ventilation so that the skin can breathe, with the properties of the fabric that is very suitable if used as material for children’s shirts. moreover if it is used during hot weather, this material will help the child not to move against other types of children’s clothes, because Cotton is a good conductor, cotton will cool down in hot conditions and will warm up in cold conditions, with fabric properties such as it is very suitable for making children’s clothes. 100% cotton fabric comes from natural plant fibers. From this cotton various types of fabrics are produced such as jersey, canvas, flannel, velvet, coduray, linen, denim etc.

That’s all about cotton. Thank you.

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