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material types for the production of your uniform shirt

Here are some references to the types of materials in the production of uniform shirts that might be taken into consideration in making your uniform shirt.

1. Drill Cloth

Material specifications are as follows: fibrous fabric slash / drill surface. Based on the size of the fiber, it is generally divided into three types: Twill drill (small fiber), American drill (medium fiber), and Japan drill (large fiber). In the process of producing uniform shirts, there is one larger type of fiber commonly known as Raphael because it is usually used by fashion brands. The quality / price of drill cloth adapt to the basic material, the more the cotton content, the more expensive the price. Usually the type of Japan Drill has a composition of more cotton materials and less polyester, so it is more comfort to use in the production of uniform shirts. But the price is certainly more expensive. The width of drill cloth sold on the market is usually 1.5 meters (around 58 inches).

2. Oxford / Osworth / Tropical fabrics

The specifications of this material are as follows: The texture is flat unlike drill. Interlocking spun yarns of fabric is like braid dots similar to pixels in image resolution. Generally it is thinner than drill cloth. The brands vary, for example Sari Warna to Japan Tropical. The more composition of the cotton material as in Japan Tropical, the more comfort when you wear your uniform shirt. But the price of producing uniform shirts is also definitely will be more expensive. The width of this cloth is 115 cm; some are 140-150 cm.

3. Cotton / Cotton Fabric

The material specifications are as follows: They are textured, smooth, and thinner than the most topical material or drill. But because of the more basic ingredients of cotton, of course the price of producing uniform shirts will be more expensive than the two materials above for the production of your uniform shirts.

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