katun combed bahan untuk kaosmu
tips on buying a t-shirt
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For screen printing business people in choosing T-shirts or cheap convection plain shirts this is very important. Miselect can make our clients do not want to use our services. Are there still among screen printing friends who are still confused about choosing a good T-shirt? Come see the following article.

5 Tips for choosing a T-shirt

T-shirts are plain-shaped shirts with lots of color variations. There are lots of T-shirts, for example: Cotton Combet, cardet, tc, gildan, and many more. Each of these ingredients has different characters, and these ingredients usually show quality. If you want to run a screen printing with good quality, you should use cotton combet or gildan, this material is well-known and used for screen printing-screen printing distributions. While for those of you who want to do screen printing with a minimal budget you should use a cardet or tc, this material is commonly used for sports shirts, campaign shirts, event shirts and more. Let’s look at the following 5 tips when choosing which shirt is good:

  1. Choose a shirt at a reasonable price

To find out the price of cheap T-shirts is to do research with several suppliers. But for the standard price you need to know, namely the reasonable price range for cheap convection plain shirts is 30,000 to 50 thousand, this is a reasonable price for T-shirts. If you buy with a lot of quantity, this price should be able to shake. Oh yeah, usually nowadays suppliers sell t-shirts with prices that are different in each size.

  1. Select the current shirt pieces

Now this part is very important, choosing the right piece of bandung shirt means the size of the shirt, usually the difference between the different pieces, it can be the size of the L become M, the size of M becomes S, have you ever experienced this? buy a size M shirt but it is small. Well you should be smart to choose a supplier, look for a supplier whose size is the right size and right, the size being, not too big or too small

  1. Look for t-shirt material that is easy to absorb sweat

Look for t-shirts that are comfortable to use, which easily absorb sweat, so those who wear them are not moving and stuffy. This t-shirt material is usually in the cotton combet, but not necessarily all suppliers that use cotton combet are comfortable to use. You have to be a little careful and careful, sometimes there are suppliers who play cheat using cardet or tc material to replace the combet material that you ordered, none of these suppliers will definitely want to profit a lot.

  1. T-shirt material with standard jaitan

Now this is important for you to know that the t-shirts have jaitan standards or can be called standard jaitan. We can see the junction of the standard shirt on the collar, the junction at the end of the piece of cloth. The following is a sample image to see the good sew on T-shirts:

plain shirt details

  1. Choose the oblong shirt according to the customer’s wishes

Before you buy a T-shirt or plain T-shirt, you should ask how much your client’s budget you want, offer your best materials, if the budget is less offer medium-sized materials, and if you don’t fit the usual quality ingredients. For t-shirts that are of good quality, usually cotton combets, medium are tc and cardet, which underneath is poly ester.

Thus my explanation, often visiting here, we will provide other tips about the world of screen printing. Hopefully these tips on choosing T-shirts are useful for those of you who are reading. Indonesia screen printing continues. Buy local products away from outside products, in order to create a better Indonesia. Thanks.

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